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    🔊 When social media is at its best, we get genuine human connection. But our current social platforms are built on a surveillance model. It’s time to explore a new vision for social media; We don’t have to give up privacy in order to connect.  🎧 In this episode, Raffi talks to prominent critics of existing social media — and the people actively reimagining it, with truly private messaging, hyperlocal communities, and renewed sense of control over our own social data. Guests include Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, whose 2021 leaks made national news and put the social media giant in the Congressional spotlight; scholar and internet activist Ethan Zuckerman; Meredith Whittaker, the president of the Signal Foundation; Flipboard co-founder Mike McCue; and Harvard Law professor Jonathan Zittrain.

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    …will never not be the song I kick ass in when I want to shut everyone up in a karaoke setting. カラオケなら俺の一番最高セレクション。最近を聞くと新宿にあるのいつも来店に行ったバーの暖かいメモリーを出す。それと帰り道の電車の多摩川を渡す大橋とガタンガッタン音も聞いてくる。

    🎧The Real Folk Blues by 菅野よう子 from last.fm