📸 Day 23 #mbapr #photochallenge: dreamy This is a picture of Yamba Ohashi Bridge before the Agatsuma river valley was flooded by the new dam just down river. This scene exists only in dreams now.

📸Day 22 #mbapr #photochallenge: blue. Just occurred to me that our trip to Colorado last year had lots of blue skies, and Breckenridge sits on the Blue River.

View from a car driving on a highway with clear blue skies and scattered clouds above, featuring a green road sign for Exit 203 to Frisco and Breckenridge with mountains in the distance.

📸Day 21 #mbapr #photochallenge: mountain. This is Fuji-san as seen from Koboyama overlooking Hadano City. I would regularly ride my motorscooter through the narrow mountain trails connecting my neighborhood just east of where I’m standing to this part of Hadano because of this stunning view.

Fuji-san as seen from Koboyama overlooking Hadano City, Japan

📸💪🏾 #mbapr #photochallenge Day 20: I love/hate the rare times when snow and ice take over Tokyo.

  • ♥ the magical feel of the city.
  • 🤬 slip/fall/busting ass all up and down these hilly streets.

April #mbapr Photoblogging Challenge, Day 19: Birthday — yes, sweet potato pie is valid around here.

Foggy days are always a mood.

Day 18 #mbapr #photochallenge

The level of ** transcendence** that can be attained after visiting a friend’s farm in Colorado is measured in miles, not feet. 🕴️ Day 17 micro.blog #photoblogging #photochallenge #mbapr

Day 16 #mbapr prompt: ** flâneur**… I think it means “people watcher” or thereabouts.

Living in Tokyo, that was my life for years; can’t help it.

I’m a day behind in the micro.blog #mbapr #photochallenge!  Its because I had to fix my son’s micro PC with all its small components. I have the tools but very little patience at times.

Day 14: This isn’t a cactus. It’s durian, a sweet smelly thing I like cold with ice cream in the Singapore heat. #mbapr #photochallenge

Day 13, #mbapr: A rainbow literally shows where my grandparents used to live in University City, MO outside of St Louis, my birthplace. This is just off Page Avenue and Woodson Road. I miss them and that corner of my hometown so damn much it hurts sometimes. 🌈🏡😿

Rainbow in a blue sky as seen over an industrial park in St Louis County, Missouri, USA. The photo was taken from the driver side window of a car and part of the mirror is seen.

📚 Finished reading: Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urba…

A great primer for anyone fascinated by how the Dutch went from almost losing the war with the automobile in the 60’s and 70’s to becoming the beacon for creating an entire country that is designed for humans first and cars last. It also details how these ideas are being exported to places around the world as more and more people seek to reclaim public spaces from cars.

Day 12 of the #mbapr photo challenge is tough. Magic…🤔 Welp, here’s a shot of Tokyo Disneyland from 12 years ago 🪄✨🧚🏾‍♀️🏰

just after sunset sky over Kamakura beach in Kanagawa Japan.

Day 11, #mbapr: Maybe one of my favorite scenes are my golden hour shots of Kanagawa beaches near Yokohama, Japan where I lived. The sky, sea, and Mt Fuji in the distance gives me indescribable feelings.

for some reason, I’m into online crossword puzzles now.

Day 10 of the #mbapr challenge is train, which I suggested!

Here’s MARTA 184F at Doraville station in my hometown, Atlanta GA saying hi; I’m on it posting this. Trainspotting has been my hobby since I was a kid but if you follow me you’ll see mostly Japanese trains because I a the #tokyo #trainnerd.

Day 9 #mbapr:

I live in the Southern US, Atlanta GA. And there’s nothing more Southern than a crispy fried chicken dinner with black-eyed peas, greens and cornbread. (Now you know why we all weigh a lil' bit more down here too.)

🍽️ Southern comfort feast: fried chicken, black-eyed peas, collard greens, cornbread, and hot sauce.

Not as fancy as solar glasses but I still got to see the eclipse in my own way.

For the prevention of blindness, I guess I made a pinhole eclipse viewer box Just like I did when I was 13 to see today’s solar eclipse.

a pinhole camera made out of a cereal box that I crudely made in about 10 minutes.

(It’s also day 8 of #mbapr)

Day 7 of the micro.blog photo challenge: well-being.

A bicycle from Taipei’s U-bike bikeshare scheme parked in a public dock after I rode it.

When I lived in Japan and Taiwan, I cycled pretty much everywhere, and it is responsible for my good health up to now. I plan on getting a good bike and getting back into it over the summer now that I’m back Stateside. #mbapr