I’m doing a brisket for New Year’s and need to save this recipe. I’ll come back and clean it up later with my own twist to it when I’m done….

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  • SPG (salt, garlic, pepper)

  • onion powder

  • lard

  • mustard

  • that’s literally it.


  • soy sauce

  • water

  • lemon juice

  • red pepper

  • onion powder

BBQ technique

  1. Coals at 300F.
  2. meat is FAT SIDE DOWN. (naw, we ain’t trimmin' $#!+! Fat is where the taste comes from and will render off. It’s GOOD for you.
  3. Baste every hour for 6 hours. Turn meat over on the 3rd hour.
  4. On 5th hour, wrap with foil.
  5. On 6th hour, take out and let rest for about 30 mins.