some of y’all think the stuff you see on the news won’t ever affect y’all.

but that’s bullshit.

I remember 4 of my cousins getting hooked on crack cocaine in the ghetto of St Louis, my hometown in the 80’s.

I remember seeing a very affluent dude who ran a chain of waterbed stores freebase a rock in survellance TV from the police about 10 years later.

I remember going to my very innercity high school in the same town getting checked for guns every morning like we’re going through airport security.

I remember Columbine, Sandy Hook, and all these other places that have actually had guns shoot up their schools. Did they have clear backpacks or spot bag checks?

y’all think what you see on TV won’t affect you.

I went to sleep hearing guns buck buck bucking and the tink tink tinking of rounds on my street. It wasn’t some faraway war in a land i can’t pronounce. It was on streets named Sacramento, Red Bud and Kossuth.

But now im watching TV and seeing the same in towns with less people than my whole block. By people who have more money than all the people in my old zip code.

y’all think it’ll only stay on TV, and won’t come knocking on your door though.

I saw genocidal wars, whole towns burnt down, and angry hungry tired desprate people on TV last night…