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    Literally in the calm before the storm.

    Anyone know how to run Hyprland with multiple monitors?

    Laptop display showing tiles with telegram app status, webpage for Hyprland monitor settings and  a terminal where I’m adjusting those settings

    So my RV is in the shop for longer than I thought it would be, and guess where my BBQ grill is stashed? 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Welp, I have a backup plan:

    A guy BBQing on 2 steel bedframes that are positioned over hot coals with various meats on the bedframe rails where the matress is supposed to go.

    Today: Install #nixos on my new #framework16 👨🏾‍💻 #now #currently

    Framework 16 computer with boot screen showing 64 GB of RAM and all of the systems ready to go, but zero operating systems because I need to put one on there

    I really wish they would learn how to build these little neighborhood shopping centers with pedestrians in mind instead of just people who drive here. Of course with it sitting on this dumb ass intersection where to two lane roads become a serious six lane monstrosity to cross in all directions with no outline pedestrian crossing zones and broken sidewalks on one side and none on the other well then of course #urbanism #fixmycity

    A weird intersection of street that crosses other at a 45° angle that doesn't have any outline pedestrian crosswalks and is likely way too wide for its intended purpose in this neighborhood as seen from one of the acute angles in the intersectionShopping plaza in my neighborhood that has a grocery store and dentist and a few restaurants in it that would be better off without huge parking lot that is focused in the shot

    Can’t complain if you don’t vote! 🗳️

    I’m still looking forward to it in any case…

    Repost of @dadsaysjokeson X: "I did some financial planning and it looks like I can retire at 97 and live comfortable for eleven minutes."

    📸 Bonus prompt 2 for #mbapr, unputdownable, suggested by @jimmitchell

    (Same boy as in the last photo, but about 5 years younger. He’s still this age, trapped in a teenage body right now. LOL)

    📸 Bonus prompt 1 for #mbapr, bubble, suggested by @paulrobertlloyd

    My then 13 year old son is captured in a playful moment, blowing a large, pink bubble gum bubble. The bubble is so big it almost obscures his face, highlighting the fun and lighthearted nature of the activity

    Day 28 of the #mbapr Photoblogging Challenge: community by @stupendousman@micro.blog. Carrying the omikoshi portable shrine through my part of Tokyo and getting close to the community.

    The image depicts a traditional Japanese festival scene where participants are carrying a mikoshi (portable shrine). The mikoshi is elaborately decorated in gold with white lanterns and red accents. Participants are dressed in traditional festival attire, some wearing headbands, while others are in casual clothes. They are lifting the mikoshi on their shoulders using two long wooden beams. In the background, there are residential buildings and power lines under a cloudy sky.

    📸 Day 27 #mbapr #Photoblogging #PhotoChallenge. I still feel the surprise and joy after getting this bag of my favorite chips from my hometown by a friend.

    I wear a very happy suprised look on my face after being given a bag of Red Hot Ripplets spicy potato chips that you can only get in St Louis, but in Tokyo a few years ago.

    whew! finally caught back up! 📸Day 26 #mbapr #photochallenge: critter. This fella and his bro were sprawled out in the middle of Washington Av in downtown Golden, Colorado like he owned the place (which he probably did!)

    A very large black, gray and white floof of fur in the form of a big Alaskan Husky is spawled out in the middle of a sidewalk surrounded by people wanting to pet him. The dog's face is one of sheer joy and happiness from the attention.

    📸Day 25 #mbapr #photochallenge: spine. This very Japanese Shinkansen-looking train is actually the Taiwan HSR (台湾高速道路鉄道) model N700T and forms the spine of Taiwan’s rail network. #trainnerd #trainporn

    “A Taiwanese high-speed train with a sleek design arrives at a station platform during nighttime. The platform is brightly lit and a group of passengers waits patiently behind the yellow safety line. The train’s headlights and interior lights cast a warm glow on the surroundings.

    📸Day 24 #mbapr #photochallenge: light, as in this random traffic light in downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. (Best street tamales this side of the Rio Grande BTW)

    📸 Day 23 #mbapr #photochallenge: dreamy This is a picture of Yamba Ohashi Bridge before the Agatsuma river valley was flooded by the new dam just down river. This scene exists only in dreams now.

    📸Day 22 #mbapr #photochallenge: blue. Just occurred to me that our trip to Colorado last year had lots of blue skies, and Breckenridge sits on the Blue River.

    View from a car driving on a highway with clear blue skies and scattered clouds above, featuring a green road sign for Exit 203 to Frisco and Breckenridge with mountains in the distance.

    📸Day 21 #mbapr #photochallenge: mountain. This is Fuji-san as seen from Koboyama overlooking Hadano City. I would regularly ride my motorscooter through the narrow mountain trails connecting my neighborhood just east of where I’m standing to this part of Hadano because of this stunning view.

    Fuji-san as seen from Koboyama overlooking Hadano City, Japan

    📸💪🏾 #mbapr #photochallenge Day 20: I love/hate the rare times when snow and ice take over Tokyo.

    • ♥ the magical feel of the city.
    • 🤬 slip/fall/busting ass all up and down these hilly streets.

    April #mbapr Photoblogging Challenge, Day 19: Birthday — yes, sweet potato pie is valid around here.

    Foggy days are always a mood.

    Day 18 #mbapr #photochallenge

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