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    for some reason, I’m into online crossword puzzles now.

    Did anyone else watch Halo season 2? It ended weirdly AF… Granted I’ve never played the games beyond the first XBox version and like 3 levels. Am I missing something?

    UPDATE: I went and played a few speed-runs of Halo and Halo 2 to get a better understanding of the lore; I get it now. 👍 The hard part about narratives based on video games is the limited understanding and background that average people will have with the franchise.

    There should never be major plot shifts without explanation and exposition (really in any film TBF). But with this genre, it’s at the expense of the superfans/stans and their hardline needs to follow cannon succinctly and precisely as they experienced the source material.

    But since its a game, that kinda means everyone playing through gets a semi-unique experience in the first place!

    It’s that time of year again! Boy-type still likes the sushi for his birthday meal so that’s what we did 🍣 (I enjoy his birthday as much as he does 😆)

    A plate of salmon taro sushi.

    A new use for micro.blog:

    Follow your other websites and fediverse accounts and you can make all the posts embeddable when you need to refer to something:

    In reply to https://micro.blog/starrwulfe/33189098 by starrwulfe. Is what’s …

    In reply to https://micro.blog/starrwulfe/33189098 by starrwulfe.

    Is what’s happening in the screenshot from the desktop app on my side or micro.blog’s side? I don’t have any issues when using other micropub sites like Quill or Sparkles…


    That’s a post from my main site above now embeded as a quote here. 😊

    RSS IS DEAD is an RSS Feed Finder that works with ActivityPub “@@” addresses to see who you, me, and everyone else follows.

    It also helped me discover the other topic/kind feeds emanating from this here WordPress powered blog/Fediverse instance!

    More info on the 🐘 posting ⏩


    Was suprised with homemade brunch on my day off by SuperWife. It’s very effective against the Doldrums!

    The enshittification of my country is depressing and tiring.

    I just lost my micro sized YubiKey as I was pulling it out of the laptop. I don’t touch it, except to sign in or swap the spare one over to renew its certificates. Which is what I was doing. Damn thing bounced twice on the dark-stained hardwood floor and vanished underneath something. Or into the universe’s tiniest black hole. Or a Lilliputian ganked it and is using it as a table. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    my main wordpress blog showing a database error screen for the 2millonth time

    I’m over this constant Wordpress memory issue. I spent all day yesterday getting rid of plugins, optimizing the theme and making things as lean as possible… and still got an “out of memory” error while I slept.

    At this point, I may as well look into migrating this over to micro.blog and paying the premium fees because its cheaper than stepping up to the next higher tier of resources needed on my VPS to mitigate.

    This is just a test for webmentions for my main site using an updated comments plugin for threaded replies.

    (sorry in advance for the #testing spam! 😓🚧)

    …aaaannnddd my last nerve has officially been prodded.

    I will be exploring another blogging engine in 2024.

    All I did was try to post a picture, and now I get bupkiss.

    Just now checking out Lilihub for micro{dot}blog and am gonna wish @heyloura can find time/motivation/money/whatever she needs to make it so it can also post to my Wordpress blog somehow. This is AMAZING WORK!


    Been a busy weekend for sure, but personally [https://starrwulfe.xyz/b/1Fbe]{I think the new blog was an upgrade!)

    Random Observations from the Fediverse No.1:

    …There are a lot (and I cannot stress this enough,) a lot of really small fediverse instances and they are showing off all the numerous Top Level Domain Names that are out there that I could never think of that many uses for.

    …Theres instances that end in .rodeo, .boo, .fail, .hair, .ninja

    And my favorite: .ooo as in 🫢

    Oh this is nice– and answers a question I had about how to go about doing “Easter Egg Articles” that would only get out to the subscribers without needing to collect and house email addresses and other personal info.

    in reply to The Underground Blog, only on RSS!

    also s/o to @pfefferle@mastodon.social for the info!

    Well webfinger to certain threads.net accounts does indeed work.

    Good nite #fediverse and #indieweb peeps, see ya in the morning! 😴

    👷🏾‍♂️ #testing again, sorry! 🚧 OK, lets see if the fediverse is ready for this….